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Duplex Webbing Slings

Duplex Webbing Slings
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Duplex webbing sling, duplex flat webbing lifting slings are made from high tenacity polyester webbing; colour coded for ease of identification for lifting and is manufactured to EN 1492-1:2000. Duplex Slings are manufactured from double layers of webbing, either terminated in a metal end fitting or, more popularly, sewn back upon themselves with a high tenacity polyester fabric to form a reinforced Eye, which provides greater durability than the traditional leather eye. The duplex flat webbing slings are stitched close to the eyes which are 9" long bearing to bearing. Endless slings, however, are manufactured from single thickness webbing sewn in a continuous loop with an overlap. These slings are most popular type and suitable for general & heavy industrial lifting, since these are as strong as steel yet light weight and offer reduced risk of injury to hand or damage to a load with painted or precised machined surface. e.g. for lifting pipes with coating, stainless steel items etc. In order to protect the webbing from unnecessary wear and tear, various coverings are available, in any length, which can also protect both the sling and any fragile loads.


ITEM CODE WIDTH COLOUR CODE Vrtical Hitch Choker Hitch Basket Hitch Basket Hitch 45o Basket Hitch 90 o
MM M=1 M=2 M=0.8 M=1.8 M=1.4
LDP-500 25 VIOLET 1000 2000 800 1800 1400
LDP-1000 50 GREEN 2000 4000 1600 3600 2800
LDP-1500 75 YELLOW 3000 6000 2400 5400 4200
LDP-2000 100 GREY 4000 8000 3200 7200 5600
LDP-2500 125 RED 5000 10000 4000 9000 7000
LDP-3000 150 BROWN 6000 12000 4800 10800 8400
LDP-4000 200 BLUE 8000 16000 6400 14400 11200
LDP-5000 250 ORANGE 10000 20000 8000 18000 14000
LDP-6000 300 ORANGE 12000 24000 9600 21600 16800

Heavy Duty Synthetic Anti Abrasive Sleeves are made of Polyester.

Anti - Abrasive Sleeves
Enhance life of sling as it protects slings from abrasion by rough surfaces. These are available with or without PU coating. These can be stitched with Sling or use as movable.

Anti - Cutting Sleeves

Heavy duty anti cutting sleeves are made of polyurethane. It provide the sling enhance life by preventing damage to the job and sling from sharp and pointed edges. Ideal for lifting of load with sharp edges.
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